Milk & Dairy Substitues

October 29, 2015


Sources of Calcium


For a reference point, 1oz of cheese has 207mg and 8oz milk has 300mg of calcium.

1 cup collard greens 357 mg              

1 cup rice milk (plain, calcium-fortified) 200-300mg

1 cup turnip greens 249 mg                        

1 cup black eyed peas 211 mg

1 cup kale 179 mg                            

2 tablespoon sesame seads 176 mg

1 cup okra 176 mg                           

1 cup bok choy 158 mg

5 medium figs 135 mg                      

1/4 cup almonds 97 mg

1 cup broccoli 94 mg                                  

1/2 cup amaranth 74 mg

1/2 cup dried apricots 43 mg                                  

1/2 cup quinoa 25 mg

1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses 137 mg


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Source: Article provided by Science Based Nutrition™



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