“Patient, Great Listener, Intuitive and Gifted Healer”

These are but a few qualities that come to mind to describe Dr Peter Stucz. I have been a patient of his for over 10 years. In that time he has alleviated my chronic neck pain, diagnosed and treated various nutritional deficiencies and elevated my overall health from good to great!

I have sent my skeptical husband, my cranky teenage daughter and countless friends to Dr Pete, who without fail eases their aches and pains and leaves them feeling measurably better than when they walked in. I don’t know how he does it exactly, but Dr Pete is the real deal-and I feel blessed to know him.

Alexandra Hill, Writer



“A Magic Touch”

I’ve always been leary of having Chiropractic work because of the stigma of “bone cracking”. I had an unpleasant 2-hour experience of sitting in the dentist’s chair which left me with intense neck and shoulder pain. I was desperate to feel better. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr Pete had a “magic touch” that restored me to feeling relaxed and “in balance” without jolting harsh movements to my body. Dr Pete is an energy worker who works on subtle energy levels of the body restoring harmony, peace and order in body, mind and spirit.

ML Linhares, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


“Exceptional Service and Friendship”

Thank you for the comforting and healing services you have been providing me and for the satisfying answers you always have for my questions.

Duke Nielsen, Author and HR Consultant


“Worked Again”

Thanks for fixing me up. Worked again … as always. I’m so grateful that I know you!

Curt E,  Denver


“Thank You”

I’ve wanted to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding; couldn’t last year due to problem with my collarbone. Thanks to you, I felt strong enough to try & I love it :)

Anita, Denver



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